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Instructional Systems Design Consulting and Complete Creative Solutions for Solopreneurs, Small Businesses, Travel and CrowdSourced Projects
In Sanskrit and ancient yogic tradition, the word Dharma is about living your passion through that unique combination of talents, abilities, experiences and skills that we all possess. It's about living and creating the authentic story of you. Your unique ineffable truth. No one else can do it for you, but everyone needs a little help here and there. We all do. The team at DharmaPharm has years of combined experience in branding, graphic, interactive & instructional systems design, image-making, photo and videography at our displosal to help your idea come to life and flourish in all the ways you imagine it. We're here to help you succeed.

As individual contributors, we have not only worked behind the scenes with some of the largest, most successful companies in the world, but also scores of small boutique start-ups and family owned businesses. Our work can be seen successfully helping dozen of Fortune 500 companies including Disney, Mattel Toys, Lego, Chevy, Scion, Paramount Pictures, Universal Studios and many more. These huge organizations are overflowing with the kind of assets and resources that individuals and small enterprise can only dream about. Been there, done that. What really fires us up is the opportunity to help people with imagination and courage breathe life into their ideas and see them succeed. To bring the skills and experience we have to projects and ideas working to change our lives and our world for the better. Things that really matter. This is our Dharma.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

Margaret Mead Author
However... we are passionate about creativity and our work, but mostly we love to have FUN doing it. We're professionals, but we're irreverent, thrive on adventure and live for experience. We're world travelers and our playground is also our studio. We're light-chasers, image-makers, story-tellers, teachers and voyagers in this incredible world we all live in.

How We Can Help You Be a Success


Every great idea or brand has a story that needs to be told in compelling ways that connect and engage audiences. We're not only great storytellers, we also share them using innovative and effective media vehicles. We get audiences involved and eager to take action on your message. We're social media experts.


We have taken our extensive collective experience and skills providing award-winning creative solutions for some of the best-known brands on the planet and now use them to help individuals and smaller enterprise. We help you to achieve success through innovative solutions that educate, identify, entertain, persuade & differentiate.


We live in a visually rich world and require extraordinary images & video to tell stories and connect effectively with people. We've been making award-winning visuals for clients and stock agencies our whole careers. Whether it's photography, illustration, iconography, motion graphics or live videography, we are able to conceive & deliver it.


Some of things we do and the ways we can help you, your brand, and your project succeed

Content Creation for Storytelling, Presentation Design,
Brand Messaging, Social Media and Crowd-Sourcing.

  • Content & Social Media Marketing

    We craft compelling powerful stories that evoke strong positive emotion and connection with your desired audience.
  • Instructional & Presentation Design

    We use industry standard tools and methodolgies such as ADDIE, UBD and ISD to create powerful training and coursework solutions.
  • CrowdSourced Funding Projects

    We want your cool ideas and projects to get funded and be successful. We know how and partner with you (truly) to help turn your dreams into reality.

Identity Systems

A cohesive and effective brand identity system is critical to the success of any organization or crowdfunding project. We consider all aspects of your business, as well as its overall competitive environment to create innovative, visually appealing and differentiated identity systems.
  • Logos, logotypes and marques.
  • Business cards, stationery and visual ID
  • Print collateral including brochures, POP and more
  • Titles and typographic treatments for book covers, films, presentations etc.

Marketing & Advertising

Our aggregate experience includes award-winning ad & marketing campaigns for many Fortune 500 companies. Now we are bringing those skills to work for smaller organizations creating socially responsible products and services attempting to bring about positive change in some fashion.
  • Coordinated comprehensive social media marketing
  • Cohesive targeted brand and performance based ad campaigns
  • Marketing plans that grow your brand or secure funding
  • Content creation & copywriting with a strong call-to-action


We've been supplying clients and stock agencies with our own photos and images for many years and we've art directed dozens of photo shoots in many categories.
  • Powerful photos that tell the story in unique and arresting ways
  • Both stock and assignment photography
  • Unparalleled expertise with Photoshop & image manipulation
  • Matching the right image for each situation


Our award-winning illustrations have been featured online, in broadcast, stock and print with clients such as Mattel, Disney, Enterpreneur Magazine, Paramount Picture and more.
  • Illustrations can be a powerful alternative for photography especially where complex conceptual solutions are a requirement.
  • We match the style to the need. We are not limited to a single artistic approach
  • Our illustrative work is all done digitally even when the style is indisguishable from natural media. This means turnaround is fast and solutions are flexible.

Corporate Videography & Film

Whether it's video for marketing, training or advertising, many organizations have a need for well-designed, scripted and edited videos at the highest production levels.
  • Video is one of the most effective means for communication, but it is often beyond the budget or skills of many organizations. We do it all in-house so it is cost-effective while maintaining the very highest quality creative and production values.
  • Our creative video solutions persuade, educate, entertain and differentiate.

Crowdsource Videography

One of the most powerful tools you can use in the pursuit of successfully funding any crowdsourced project is the effective use of video. In fact, it is now virtually mandatory. Most people or small organizations have neither the skills or infrastructure to produce high quality video or motion graphics.
  • Our video solutions engage audiences in ways that get them to take action. You want them to feel a part of your project and we help make that happen. Video can make that emotional connection in ways no other media can.
  • We conceptualize, script, film, edit and post-process your production in-house. This is not only a huge cost and time saving, but also aligns beautifully with your overall messaging and brand.


Talk is cheap and you gotta walk the walk, so here are some examples of work we've done


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Just Who are These People Anyway??


On a Scale of One to Ten, How Are We At...?
Videography 95%
Corporate Training Systems 95%
Motion Graphics / Editing 90%
Content Marketing90%
Website Design / WordPress 95%
Writing / Whitepapers 100%
Social Media Marketing95%
Photography / Image Making 95%
Presentation & Interactive Design 90%


We're Creative Problem-Solvers - Just a Few of the Ways We Can Make Your Life Easier & More Successful

Concept Development

It All Starts with a Great Idea

We're not just a pretty face, or about just making pretty faces. Whether the goal is to persuade, educate, entertain, identify or differentiate, it all begins with a powerhouse concept. We've had attention grabbing ideas leaking out and winning awards for years.

Video Production

Filming & Post Production

We know design. We know film & image making. We know post. Whether on location or in the studio, we're experts at producing beautiful, compelling imagery in support of powerful and persuasive narrative. We have a huge toolbox & love using them all.

Instructional Design

Consultation & Coursework

In addition to deep hands-on experience as teachers, workshop facilitators and trainers, we have graduate degrees in adult education, business and information technology. We use ADDIE, UBD, ISD & a host of tools such as Captivate, Camtasia & Storyline to craft your coursework.

Brands & Branding

Logos and Identity Systems

We've worked with some of the most successful and well-known brands on the planet, so we've learned a thing or two about what works and what doesn't. Brand building is about more than that shiny logo and we strive to create complete systems that really connect with audiences.

Arresting Content

Copywriting, & Imagery

We're widely published authors, bloggers and copywriters. Our photos and illustrations have been immensely popular on stock image websites for years and on assignment. They have been published in books, magazines, websites, broadcast television & even on apparel. We make knock-your-socks-off words & images.

The Secret Sauce

Plus 13 Herbs and Spices..

Oh yeah baby - we got that top secret ninja creative sauce ready to pour out all over your projects. We can't tell you exactly what it is, because... well then it wouldn't be a secret would it? But we can promise you great results...


Some of What We're Talking About..
Recently I was asked to do a TV interview about the time I spent fighting for my life alone for 10 days in a foreign hospital while rock climbing in Southern Thailand. Unfortunately there wasn't enough time for the NY crew to come to me in Portland so we did it over the phone and using a local camerman they hired here. Going into it, I wasn't sure how it would go, but all turned out great.
WHY A DOCUMENTARY FILM? The idea of producing a documentary film is daunting. It’s hard to explain, but GOING2WATER… or the concept of it – the idea, the epiphany – birthed itself. Let me explain. I began to move my creativity into video about three years before my youngest daughter, Emily, graduated from high school and left for college..
I'm talking here about 4 great winter and spring destinations but they could as easily be wonderful any time of year. I'm shining a light on these because I recently had the pleasure of visiting during the off season and thoroughyl loved them all. Some of them are places most people already know about, but some maybe not..


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With offices sprinkled liberally, yet discreetly throughout the known universe, we are everywhere you need us to be and everywhere we want to be
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